About us

Hey there,

My name is Sander or DTT, as you might know me by.

With the help of a few partners, we created a new headset that will revolutionise the gaming community. What defines a great gaming headset in our eyes?

It's the quality.

Our ambition is to bring you the best experience when gaming, or when listening to music on the bus. Our mission for the VELOX x DTT Headset was simple. We wanted to create a stunning looking headset that performs just as good as how it looks, for a very affordable price. We are located in Norway and United States.

Why buy the DTT Headset?

The VELOX headset is a high-end gaming headset developed by gamers, for gamers. And there is a reason we say that at VELOX. Everything from specifications, to design is very thoughtful, and made to be the perfect headset for gaming. All this have been done by pro gamer, and YouTube profile "DTT"  which has a insane amount of expertise regarding what works, and what doesent when it comes to great gaming headphones.

But this alone is not why you should choose VELOX over other gaming headphones..

VELOX has made gaming easy, and is therefore designed  to work on all gaming platforms. Not only that, but they also come with sealed earcups with memory foam, to provide exellent noise cansellation and customized fit and comfort.

Other brands may be selling headphones with a detachable microphone, bluetooth connection, etc. This does not provide the soundquality needed for the perfect gaming experience. VELOX is a headset for gamers, and every little part of the headset is made to increase the performance, and that is unusual.

Who is VELOX?

VELOX was not a part of the plan from the beginning. Sander, the founder of VELOX was building and growing his YouTube career, and was working hard every day to see what he could do to grow even faster. He had almost everything he needed, but a working pair of gaming headphones. Sander had been trying multiple brands, models and designes, but none of his gaming headphones seemed to performed the way he wanted them to. Of the many pair he has owned throughout the years, not one was perfect.

And this is when the VELOX adventure all started, a dedicated gamer that just wanted the best.

Sander really wanted this to happen, and contacted engineers from his home country Norway, and set up a team that could make his long lasting dream come true. After over a year of hard work, Sander and his team made VELOX possible, a dream come true for the YouTuber.